Forget Barbies! Our JUNYALI is ready to rock the market.
Remember the days when we used to be crazy for barbie dolls and would be after our parents' life to make us buy a barbie doll? And then the markets flooded with the barbies in Indian attire, that is when we all started dreaming of barbies in pahadi attire representing our Pahadi culture. So our dream has come true with the beautiful initiative of Mr.Deepp Negi "Deependra", Mr.Pankaj Adhikari and Mr.Akbeer Adhikari who are altogether rocking the market with the FIRST EVER PAHADI DOLL JUNYALI.

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Standing true to its name Junyali is proving to be as glorious and magnificent as the glimmering light of the moon.It will become a ray of hope in the dark lives of many people. As the company Phyonli & Pines LLP's tagline says "A journey towards the hills" so this beautiful little doll will generate employment for many and hopefully will encourage reverse migration.

Junyali has left no stone unturned to wipe off the fancy age old old barbie dolls. It has already won our hearts and will be winning even more when just with a push of button it will dance on 6 evergreen pahadi songs in 1 minute.So it's time to  say "दिल तो बच्चा है जी" and get ready to welcome Junyali in our lives.

She is proving to be the most glorious and bright character and toy in the Pahadi market.Let us all give it a warm welcome and help these young men from Uttarakhand in making their initiative a superhit.



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